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Organic Fertilizers

M-Power Group has initiated development in this field in the late nineties in South East Asia but due to the lack of interest in the market, it was decided to put it on hold.

However, the economic crisis appears to be boosting investment and interest in the organic fertilizer industry, despite chemical fertilizers having dominated the agriculture sector for decades.

The cost of farming with chemical fertilizer is now on average twice as expensive as the use of organic products, while production levels remain the same, if not a fraction higher in the organic sector.

Organic food is normally sold at a higher price at markets, providing farmers with extra profit.

But so far in South East Asia, the production of organic fertilizer has been very limited, defying the global trend.

Internationally, both farmers and the public have become increasingly aware of the danger chemical fertilizers pose to the environment, and the health benefits of consuming organic agricultural products.

According to data organic research associations, organic agricultural products have increased on average by 20 percent per year in global markets.

In Asia, the demand for organic food comes mainly from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

M-Power Group believes the organic fertilizer expansion to be the way forward in the future and will keep investing in this field.