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Mission & Partnership

Our Mission

M-Power Food Industries is committed to deliver tailor made and efficient solutions to its partners.

Our focus is on bringing additional functional benefits to our clients, at a competitive cost.

We are committed to the health & well being of dairy consumers by producing quality products and to innovation with the development of customized ingredients with clear value for our customers.

M-Power aims to become a leading supplier of dairy ingredients and value added products. We will achieve this goal by providing our customers with an alternative that meets their specific needs rather than markets standards and allow them to remain competitive without compromising on quality.


Singapore is a major international transportation hub in Asia, positioned on many sea and air trade routes.

M-Power Food Industries can become your key partner whether you are looking for quality products, a serious distributor for your products or simply a synergy to grow together.

We have valuable partnerships with other leading global companies in our fields of business and welcome new opportunities to establish new ones.