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Unsalted Butter CHANTILAIT™


collapse icon Chemical Typical Analysis
Fat 82% min
Moisture 16% max
SNF 2% max
FFA as Oleic Acid 0.35% max
collapse icon Microbiological Typical Analysis
Yeast & Moulds 10/g max
Salmonella not detected
collapse icon Physical Typical Analysis
Appearance Smooth texture, off white to light yellow, homogeneous colour.
Flavour Typical Flavour

Unsalted Butter CHANTILAIT™ Label


Milk fat, milk solids.


Product is packed in 25kg cartons.

Storage & Shelf Life

The product shelf life is 12 months. Goods should be transported in reefer container at −20°C and stored at all times at −20°C.



Disclaimer: The data outlined is intended as a source of information only. It is subject to improvement or change without prior notice.

Ref: BUT82-CTL
Date: 2012-02-17