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Dairy Powder 1225 TOP DAIRY™


Yoghurt, Desserts, and other applications.


collapse icon Chemical Typical Analysis
Fat 12% max
Moisture 4% max
Protein 25% max
Ash (Minerals) 7% max
Lactose 52% approx
collapse icon Microbiological Typical Analysis
Total Plate Count 10,000/g max
Coliforms 10/g max
Yeast & Moulds 10/g max
Salmonella not detected
collapse icon Physical Typical Analysis
Appearance Light cream colour
Flavour Typical taste and flavour
Scorched Particles Disc A/B


The product is packed in 25kg net paper printed bags with PE liner.


16-17mts in 20'fcl, 25mts in 40'fcl.

Storage & Shelf Life

The product shelf life is 12 months. Goods are recommended to be stored in a cool and dry clean place away from all sources of heat and odour. Prolonged exposure to light should be avoided. If partially used bags of product are stored, care should be taken to seal the PE liner in order to prevent the uptake of moisture which can give rise to caking or lump formations in the powder.



Disclaimer: The data outlined is intended as a source of information only. It is subject to improvement or change without prior notice.

Ref: DP1225-TD
Date: 2012-02-17